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Shell Habor Street scene.jpg

Front street

scene sketch


Rear street



J. M Development -

Shell Harbor

Port Hueneme, CA

On a small infill site adjacent to the main traffic thoroughfare,  this project had to achieve a certain density to make the proforma in the positive realm.  The square footages were going to be impossible to achieve if we stayed at 2 stories.  Working closely with they cit y Planning Dept. we were able to go 3 stories which achieved the livable footages to the future owners.  It also afforded this project o be able to design  live / work units, which were desirable considering the units would be adjacent to the main traffic artery.  Style of the exteriors were to have a more contemporary look.  One house we did an o mage to the ocean waves that were within walking distance.

Front street

scene sketch

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